About us

About us

In today’s fiercely competitive market, timeliness is non-negotiable. At Ozone Digitizing, we recognize the critical importance of staying ahead by ensuring prompt deliveries. This commitment is underscored by our strategic investments in a purpose-built infrastructure and a team of skilled digitizers, enabling us to efficiently handle large orders for various digitizing services, including logo, jacket, vector art conversion, applique, hat, 3D digitizing as well as t-shirts and hoodies sublimation

Welcome to Ozone Digitizing,

your trusted partner in embroidery digitizing and vector art services since 2003. Originally established as an in-house digitizing studio catering to sister business units, we’ve evolved into a leading company known for delivering top-notch quality at reasonable prices.

We will vector your logo and can give color separations of your designs for your screen printing needs. In addition, we can clean up your existing art work, design logos, business cards, flyers, etc. Our expert graphic designers are here for all your designing needs.

Our Vision:

At Ozone Digitizing, we remain steadfast in our commitment to providing high-quality embroidery digitizing and vector art services at affordable rates. Despite intense price wars in the online embroidery digitizing realm, our dedication to quality and excellent customer service sets us apart. Our first and foremost goal is to nurture strong relationships with our customers, ensuring satisfaction and loyalty.

Our Success Story:

From a humble home-based digitizing studio in 2003, we’ve grown into a successful company, earning a prominent position in the embroidery digitizing, embroidery design, and vector art landscape. Our success is a testament to our continuous efforts to create captivating and beautiful embroidery designs.

What Sets Us Apart:

Ozone Digitizing excels in professional embroidery digitizing services at an affordable price. We understand that embroidery digitizing is a nuanced process, involving intricate stitch types such as fill stitch, satin stitch, and running stitch. While some may tout “auto-digitizing,” we believe in the unparalleled creativity of human touch for superior quality. Our well-trained digitizers take pride in their expertise, ensuring quick turnaround times and brilliant customer service.

Quality Embroidery Digitizing:

To achieve the best quality embroidery digitizing, our skilled digitizers meticulously plan the sequence of stitches, known as “patching,” and select appropriate stitch types for each section. Pull and push compensations are applied to address distortions caused during the embroidery process, ensuring a flawless final design.

Why Choose Ozone Digitizing:

– Top-notch embroidery digitizing since 2003
– Affordable pricing without compromising quality
– Expertise in intricate stitch types
– Dedicated team of skilled and quick turnaround digitizers
– Unmatched customer service and satisfaction

Choose Ozone Digitizing for exceptional quality, creativity, and customer-focused services. Experience the best in embroidery digitizing with us.

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